Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Reliability of Generosity

Almost nothing is reliable in my world. I've seen failures in pumps, motors, line, anchoring, sails and my little dinghy. When in a place like I am where very few basic items and services are available, mending those failures can be a difficult task. However, in my quest to do so I have found that there is one thing in French Polynesia that is almost always reliable. It's the kindness and good-nature of the people I have met.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another atoll, another adventure

At anchor in Takaroa
Echo has made her way to Rangiroa, the second largest of the Tuamotu atolls. Rangiroa has much more infrastructure than most of the ports we have called upon, and now that internet access is back so are the updates on


How Black Pearls are Farmed in Paradise

On the atoll of Takaroa we were able to visit a black pearl farm. The manager was happy to show us around and explain the process of farming the pearls. He said we were the first outsiders to ever visit the farm, and was pleased to be able to share his knowledge by giving us an informal tour and answer all of our questions.


Tuamotus: the dangerous Archipelago

I nearly lost the ship on a Tuamotu reef.

After a 500 nautical mile crossing from Nuku Hiva we sighted Takaroa. This gorgeous atoll in the middle of nowhere is unseen by most. The pass to get into the inner lagoon is far too dangerous for most cruisers, as currents in the narrow pass can get up to ten knots.